Henley Mens Shed "In the Community, For the Community"


Some older hearts were pounding after this lift of four 8-seater picnic tables made at the Shed for Pirinoa School, in partnership with Juken New Zealand...

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Holiday  Programme

Each school holiday up to 70 kids attend the Henley Mens Shed for some fun making things with some guidance from the Blokes at the Shed...

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Writers  Group

Yet another diversity in the range of activities available at the Mens Shed is this group, inspired by the desire to recall and capture life growing up...

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Henley Mens Shed

News Articles we recommend;

Times-Age article - Men’s shed man’s best friend   -   Men’s shed man’s best friend

Links to Brother Sheds and Organisations we endorse

Sheds that Henley Mens Shed has a formal brotherly relationship with.

Channel Mens Shed, Margate, Tasmania   -   www.channelmenshed.org.au Channel Mens Shed   -   MoU

Featherston Menz Shed   -   Facebook Page

NZ national organisation of Mens Sheds   -   www.menzshed.org.nz

Martin Adlington from North Shore visited the Henley Mens Shed, view his clip here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTzHVL0cWPA

Elya Matthews has a special relationship with the Mens Shed, view her clip here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HKZQGsY-FQ

Links to Organisations and Businesses that assist Henley Mens Shed that we recommend:

Juken New Zealand, Masterton processing plant   -   www.jnl.co.nz

Recipes especially for over 65's, 1 or 2 people   -   www.seniorchef.co.nz/recipes

Gift  Vouchers

Wives, sons, daughters can involve that special man in their life at the Henley Mens Shed by giving him an introductory gift voucher...

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Members receive email newsletters, alerting everybody to events members may wish to participate in, or lend a hand with a project...

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Shed Apparel

What the best dressed Blokes at the Shed are wearing out and about. Now available to purchase by members of the Henley Mens Shed...

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